My New Frenemy Stella


Stella doesn’t have much groove, which is very rare for a Jamaican. I think its mostly due to malnutrition. But she has gotten rid of the mice at the house and she will eat almost any food scraps (handy when you have to burn all your rubbish).

We didn’t have the best start to a friendship. The first day I was here she bit me, for no apparent reason at all except perhaps that she had never tasted a white girl before. Luckily it didn’t draw blood but even so I couldn’t help but wish I had bothered to get those extra shots recommended by the travel vaccination doctor. I scolded her so harshly that she disappeared for a few days.

When she reappeared, all skin and bone, I took pity on her and fed her some chicken. She has returned each morning since and I offer a biscuit or some leftovers. Then yesterday when I was hanging out the washing she came and rubbed her face very gently against my legs. I very slowly bent down and reached out to stroke her head. She flinched a little but allowed me to pat her for a few moments before scampering off into the pumpkin patch. I had to smile. I think we are slowly starting to trust each other. I’ve never been a cat person but now that I am by myself at the house it would be nice to have a little companion.


4 thoughts on “My New Frenemy Stella

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