Doing the One Drop Like a Whitey (And Other Random Skills Jamaica Has Given Me)


Destroying wasps nests

Cooking green bananas, callaloo, plantains and ackee

Sleeping through blaring reggae or dance hall music so loud it rattles the windows

Knowing when a goat is about to charge and how to walk past it without serious injury

Sorting and storing rubbish so that it does not get strewn around the garden by mongeese

Prioritising when there is only enough water to either: a) wash the dishes b) flush the toilet c) have a drink d) shower

Understanding basic Patwai (and occasionally managing to convince people I understand a lot more than I actually do)

Responding effectively to every second male who has a long list of reasons why I must either sleep with or marry him

Knowing there is a significant difference between “whitey” and “browney” and feeling ridiculously accomplished when I suddenly graduate to the “next level”

Dancing the one-drop and the wind and thinking I look just like this:

When I actually probably look more like this:


3 thoughts on “Doing the One Drop Like a Whitey (And Other Random Skills Jamaica Has Given Me)

  1. Oh Cat, this is great!!! You do wonderful work, both here and in Jamaica!! It’s been tough, I hear that….sending blessings to you as you continue on this journey!!

  2. That video is just gorgeous!!! Love it, really love it.

    I used to think tweaking was just sexualising women, highlighting their butt not their general self, but there really is something in it. It’s great to watch!

    Laughed at you handling all the reasons why you should sleep with this guy, that guy. Stressful! 🙂

    • I know, that video is pretty great!

      I felt exactly the same way at first Noeleen, especially knowing the male-dominated leanings of the Jamaican culture. But I’ve seen so many women do the dance with such complete joy and confidence that its hard not to love it.

      It sounds ridiculous but it really is stressful after a while!

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