Top 5 (Repeatable) Jamaican Pick-Up Lines

1. “Taxi? Boyfriend?”

2. “If you don’t marry me, how else will I live in America?”

3. “You need to have many children and you must do it quickly because you are running out of time. I can help you.”

4. (Singing) “All I want for Christmas is youuuu, white ladyyy!”

5. “You think I tell all white ladies they are beautiful?” “Probably.” “No, no, no. If I see an ugly white lady I don’t say she is beautiful – I only say I want to marry her. I always tell the truth, that’s why we should be together.”


8 thoughts on “Top 5 (Repeatable) Jamaican Pick-Up Lines

    • Definitely – my dad always said if you don’t keep laughing, you’ll end up crying instead!

      Oh no! I’m flying out in February, such a shame to miss you! But if you ever make it to Australia let me know. 😉

      • What a shame. Still, not to be this time.And yes I will definitely get in touch if I ever make it to Australia. One of my sons has recently returned from your homeland

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