My Jamaica by Numbers

153 days

At least 153 cups of coffee

One broken (overused?) coffee machine

Thousands upon thousands of bananas

Thirty-three (carefully rationed) power bars

One heavenly handful of honeycomb straight from the beehive

Twenty-eight cups of chai tea

Five Jamaican cooking lessons

150 probiotic tablets

Six rolls of deodorant

316 baby wipes

Four cans of dry shampoo

Eleven books

172 crossword puzzles

Fourteen TV shows

Three days without water

Eight days without electricity

One night without gas to cook (and one fire hastily built in the backyard using cardboard and notepaper)

Sixty-eight hikes up the mountain

10 straight hours of hiking through the night to see…

One sunrise at the Blue Mountain Peak

Three randomly acquired cats (Stella will always be number one)

One lost puppy found and loved

Eight little seeds that actually sprouted

Twenty-four beautiful children eager to learn to read

One crazy, intense, unpredictable life-changing adventure


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