Hi, I’m Cat and this is a blog about my adventures living in Jamaica and volunteering with an education project. Previously I have written two other blogs, Next Stop Tanzania and Year of Kindness.


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  1. Hi Cat. Thanks for making contact. Being Jamaican I’m really interested in how you’re experiencing my home land. As you know I’m off to Cameroon to do some volunteering as well. I’m coming out to Jamaica next year. If you’re still there it will be good to meet and exchange volunteering experiences. I have a few Australian followers. I noticed you liked the Way of the Shaman blog. Are you interested in indigenous spirituality? There’s much of it still in Jamaica. It is woven throughout the fabric of the culture.
    I leave of Cameroon in a couple of days time and will be blogging about my experiences there. I’ll also be working in education (as well as health and women’s advocacy and empowerment). I’m also interested in looking at the legacy of African spirituality in Jamaica.
    I’ll be keeping in touch with your experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cameroon sounds really interesting, I look forward to reading about it! How long will you be there?

      I should be in Jamaica until around July/August next year so let me know if that fits into your plans.

      Indigenous spirituality is really fascinating and I would definitely love to learn more about it. I hear bits and pieces of it from many different people here so I can tell elements of it are still an inherent part of every day life.

      Enjoy Cameroon!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Jamaica but never had the chance to do so. Quite curious to learn more about the education project and what sort of organisation you are involved with. Can’t wait to read about your adventure!

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